A beep of the ‘phone and the ping of an email, both within 30 minutes of each other, interrupted my thoughts as we watched the tv on a cold and dark November evening in 2012.

As I reached out for my mobile to check the incoming text, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and had to read it again just to be certain. Yes, I had read it properly.  I turned to my son and said, ‘OMG I don’t believe this, OMG, OMG,’ I kept repeating.  ‘What’s wrong mum,’ he said, ‘what’s happened?’

I really couldn’t absorb what the message was actually saying; ‘Tracey, would you like my car?  No money to be exchanged, I can’t sell it and would love you to have it.’  The message was from Lyn, my yoga teacher and friend.  Extremely sadly, and only in her fifties, Lyn had quite suddenly almost completely lost her sight through a condition known as Wet Macular Degeneration.  She was, understandably, completely devastated and unsure as to whether she’d be able to keep the job that she loved, or to be able to continue with the yoga class that she had taught for over 25 years, but one thing was clear, she’d certainly be unable to drive again; the text ended ‘there’s no obligation and I’ll call you tomorrow to talk through any pitfalls.’  Suffice it to say, I couldn’t sleep that night as thoughts swam round and round in my head.  The way that it had happened simply blew my mind.

I’d had my beloved Peugeot from brand new for over ten years, and, with a dint in the side panel, it was looking somewhat sorry for itself.  I noticed also, that I had a ‘poor’ mentality when I was driving it, no matter how hard I tried to feel otherwise; and invariably, as was the case with an old car, it had had a lot of work done on it, practically rebuilt in fact, and I was now throwing good money after a bad.

I desperately needed a new car but on paper it was literally impossible.  A friend of mine, Robbie, told me to ask the Universe for a car that reflected where I wanted to be in business and in life, and with nothing whatsoever to lose, this is what I began doing, even though I couldn’t really see how it was going to happen.  I even went to a garage and test drove a brand new Peugeot, but the sales executive soon got fed up when he realised that he wasn’t going to get a sale, and lost interest in delivering his pitch.

For the life in me, I still could not see how I was going to get a new car but decided to listen to what Robbie was saying and simply put my thoughts out there and trust.

It was after 6 months of asking, that the text message arrived out of the blue.  I was stunned.  The following day I spoke at length with Lyn on the telephone, and she explained that she had asked other people if they’d wanted the car but they didn’t, and her own children, who were in their twenties, were too young to be insured.  It was a Mazda MX-5 Convertible.  I couldn’t believe it and as I wasn’t a fan of small sports cars, this certainly hadn’t been on my Universe radar!

She could, of course, have sold it but chose not to, rather than it really being the case that she ‘couldn’t’ sell it. I strongly sensed not only that she couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of selling, but that she wanted it to be a gift for someone who needed it and would get real pleasure from it.

I had one question, ‘so Lyn, what on earth made you think of me then?’  She replied, ‘because I’d overheard you at yoga saying that you could do with a new car.’  I didn’t know what to say, other than, well, yes please!

On the 18th December 2012 the dark blue Mazda came into our lives and I fell madly in love.  Yes, it had its quirks – rain leaked in through the roof for a start and the windows steamed up constantly – from the inside.  But when the sun shone, even on a cold crisp Winter’s day, we would take the top down, crank the heating and the music up and drive with the wind in our hair.  It feels so good!  The Summer sunshine, well, that’s simply something else and every time I climb inside it, I mentally say thank you.

That car, or more to the point Lyn, has changed our lives beyond anything we could have imagined, and it even reunited me and my brother after we’d had very little to do with each other for quite some time.

The best thing of all about this beautiful piece of machinery, is the way in which we received it; 100% unconditionally, which made it so much easier to accept, and if ever I needed proof that a greater force exists, then this was it.  I was filled with emotion too, that despite experiencing her own sadness and life-changing ill health, Lyn had thought of others.  I’ll always remember that.

Afterwards, I was able to sell the Peugeot, which meant I was then able to pay the mortgage; I had been wondering how I would be able to manage that month’s payment.

I’m still as besotted with the car now as I was then, and I do seem to have a different mindset when driving it, which also serves as a reminder that miracles do happen.  And that email?  Well that’s another story of unconditional generosity.  There was certainly something in the air that night.

A happy Christmas to you all, yes miracles do happen.


Tracey Barraclough



  1. Heather Jean Bates

    Well Tracey Barraclough I knew of this … But reading it in your words is just beautiful… I love Lynn even though I don’t know her, never met her… She puts faith back in people’s Hearts! It’s that ‘unconditional’ NOW it’s that which is the true miracle… So many give ( which is good) but usually always, strings, pay-back, that knack of
    being made to be or feel beholden, in fact the deed or gift can end up an ordeal… So the genuine generosity is magnified million-fold…
    Just maybe Tracey you have made someone feel just as Lyn has for you…
    I know too this is just a tiny part of your story and how miracles, hope, despair, courage, coincidences (which I call Devine or some sort of intervention), loss, pain beyond words, joy, acceptance, compassion, care, friendship & every sort of love ALL have played such a part of you…
    Thank you for sharing and indeed you MUST finish your book for us all to read & be inspired;)x

    1. tbexperience Post author

      Thank you very much indeed Heather for your amazing comments, they are certainly appreciated and you’ve managed to so eloquently put some things into words, that I would have liked to have articulated but was unable to. Thank you again. Tracey xx


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