I think anyone who meets Tracey Barraclough would remember the moment clearly, as I do.   She came onto our news programme Calendar at ITV  Yorkshire in Leeds  around ten years ago to tell her amazing story and to talk about some fund raising she was planning to do.  I was mesmerised by this petite bundle of enthusiasm and dynamism.  She had been through so much and her story was emotional and powerful yet, like the little Yorkshire terrier she is, she had taken on these huge challenges with guts, defiance and even humour.  We were all in awe as she waved us a cheery goodbye and disappeared like a whirlwind out of the studios after the interview.

Tracey certainly makes an impression wherever she goes and, over the years, our paths were to cross again when I heard her speak with passion and emotion on stage.  Her ability to connect with her audience, leaving them gripped, enthralled and wanting more is something to behold.  You could hear a pin drop.

When I later was diagnosed with breast cancer myself Tracey contacted me and helped me with her warmth and understanding.    She knew exactly what I was dealing with.   We are both “take it on and get on with it types” but I was inspired by her ability to grasp control of situations that seem daunting and terrifying and turn them into positives.

Read Tracey’s story and you will also be swept up by the sheer force of her uplifting personality and her energy and passion for making the most of life.  You will taken be on a journey that will make you laugh and cry, but above all you will want to be like her because she is inspiring and strong, despite, (maybe even because of) all she has overcome.   But even more than that, Tracey is warm, down to earth and funny too, she is a breath of fresh air and you will want to get to know her and become a friend as I did.

There is a phrase my family use “Would you want that person alongside you in the trenches?  My goodness I promise you, if Tracey Barraclough was alongside you all would be well in the world.


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